The Opportunity

Shop 1. R5500 pm. Contract private

Shop 2. R4350 pm. Contract private

Shop 3. R5700pm contract done by remax comm= r700 i speak under correcrtion but the started march. Contract for 1year

Shop 4. R5000.contract by 3% comm=r500 just renewed for 6more months

Shop 5+6. R8350 contract private

Shop 7 privately owned by myself with possible income of R10000- R12000pm as it is double the size of the other shops. (140sqm)

Shop 8,9,10. R12 500 is also a private contract.


My rates are R4959pm

And a prepaid electrical fee is paid per active channel which is R80.50 vat inclusive.

The building is insured for fire for 8.3mil for R1150pm

Rates R4959

Refuse R 169.93

Sundry services R317.56

Sundry services R80.96

Water is mainly used by the salon only..which is +-r1200

The building is insured for R8.3 million for R1150pm

9 shops are 75+- sqm each

And the 10th one is +-140sqm

Property Details

Land use permitted: Retail

Real-estate adviser Details

Aretha Sehume